National 12AT7WA vacuum tube (AR-51 & AR-70 STEREO) picture

National 12AT7WA vacuum tube (AR-51 & AR-70 STEREO)

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National 12AT7WA replacement vacuum tube for use in the TELEFUNKEN AR-51 and AR-70 STEREO microphones. This tube replaced the R-F-T ECC81 that was used from 2009 to the end of 2014 in both microphones.

National rebranded tubes, mainly from the Mullard and Raytheon factories. The "WA" designation means that this VHF [Very High Frequency] dual triode is a select version that is deemed acceptable for military applications [meaning it passed the strictest quality control standards for excellence]. Originally made in England and intended for use in Television and FM Tuners as an oscillator, the National 12AT7WA features the original red ink printing on the tube, and the original tube box.